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Lionshare Capital
Tax Insights

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Business Consulting

We offer strategy, operating systems and financial consulting for companies wanting profitable growth, improved efficiency and increased value.

Referral Programs

Teach your business to market itself. Word-of-mouth referrals are more important than ever. Let’s re-evaluate your approach to attracting referrals.

Business Valuations

We deliver Calculation of Value reports and related services for a variety of reasons, including exit planning, divorce and potential transactions.

Tax Credits and Financing

For businesses of all sizes tax credits provide a source of cash and tax reductions. With cost segregation we locate hidden savings for commercial property owners.

Financial Crisis Management

The difference between the companies that survive a crisis and those that don’t? Focusing on improving system designs, cash flow forecast and revisit cash flow best practices.

Divorce Financial Services

We provide financial services for those in the process of divorce and needing to untangle the complexities of a financial separation.

About Lionshare Capital


We provide future of energy

Chris Jackson is the CEO and Founder of Lionshare Capital. Chris help managed over 300 million dollars of individual and institutional assets and held senior roles at multiple globally recognized investment firms.

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Chris helped me clarify and prioritize opportunities to improve our cashflow, processes and systems. He performed a thorough analysis and provided clear and actionable recommendations to support our continued growth. I highly recommend his work.

Robbie Ketch, Minority Owner, LASCO

Kelly is one of the best people I’ve worked with in understanding a situation or opportunity and then being able to put an execution plan to deliver against it. She is a great strategist and delivers the results. Highly recommended.

Julio Garcia II, Founder, JiveLive

Chris is a huge LIGHT and he is so knowledgeable about all the month stuff- investments, insurance, planning — he is amazing.

Sierra Nowak, Model, Swimsuit USA

What I love about Chris is that even with this plethora of wisdom, he never makes you feel less than or dumb. He is very down to earth and communicates in a way that empowers the heck out of me. I love this man.

Briana Baker, Founder, Once Upon an Island