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Create a targeted action plan.

See your business trends. Compare your business with others of similar size in the industry. Learn what your financial ratios are telling you.

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Our strategy, operations and financial consulting services focus on improving the value of your business. Our services can be tailored to meet your needs – from objective evaluations to working side-by-side with your staff; we are comfortable with hands-on detail management, business planning and implementation.

Services Include:

  • Financial Modeling, Forecasts and Budgets: We help growing companies build business projections to test key assumptions and determine the ROI and break even points.  We also assess various market and operating scenarios. For cash constrained companies we build cash flow projections to plan for potential shortfalls.

  • Management Reporting, Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators: Timely and meaningful information is critical for effective business management. We help define, design and implement a dashboard of relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and build monthly financial reporting packages which focus on the health of the business.

  • Profitability Analyses: We help companies understand the economics of their business to discover which products are the most and least profitable. We develop strategies to maximize profitable growth based on the most impactful profitability levers – price, volume, labor, materials or expenses.

  • Organizational Restructuring and Efficiency Improvement: We help organizations become more efficient and effective by assessing the current state of their capabilities, capacity, roles, responsibilities and processes. We ensure processes are efficient and aligned with specific roles, workloads are balanced, and policies and procedures are documented.

  • Competitive Analysis and Financial Benchmarking: Benchmarking and gap analysis are often the starting point for our engagements. A benchmark study compares key financial metrics of the company with its industry. This analysis underscores the business’ strengths and weaknesses and identifies opportunities to improve performance.

  • Expansion Strategies and Implementation: We develop realistic growth strategies right for the business and market. After assessing internal capabilities, the marketplace and competitive environment, we help formulate a vision of the future, and translate that vision into goals, action steps, a financial forecast and milestones.

Financial Check-Up
The Benchmark Study with the smaller business in mind

See your business trends.
Compare your business with others of similar size in the industry.
Learn what your financial ratios are telling you.

Create a targeted action plan.

Affordable fixed fee, action-oriented.
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