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Lionshare Capital provides turn-key tax solutions to CPAs and businesses. By focusing exclusively on value-added tax services that complement your traditional tax and accounting team, we always deliver quantifiable benefits clients. Our firm provides access to our network of experienced industry leaders. We help determine which tax programs benefit clients and stay committed to handling each relationship with care and diligence. Our ability to work seamlessly with your team is the reason so many tax professionals and businesses across the nation trust Lionshare.

Federal credit worth approximately 10% of every qualified dollar spent on designing/developing brand new or improving existing products, techniques, processes, software, and formulae. Yes, you heard that right – and now even more industries qualify for the R&D tax credit than ever before. Plus, new R&D tax credit regulations allow eligible taxpayers to review tax years – three years plus the current year – for credits that were never claimed. R&D tax credits are for businesses of all sizes, not just major corporations with research labs. My clients are realizing tax credits between $40K and $80K per year. Isn’t this significant source of cash and tax reduction worth exploring?

For commercial property owners and companies, we help locate hidden savings through cost segregation. Any building improvement over $750,000 should be reviewed for proper classification of the individual components for tax depreciation, and retirement purposes. On average, the savings is roughly 15 to 30 times the cost of the study. The ideal time for a cost segregation study can vary depending on a client’s tax situation.

Using KBKG’s detailed Industry Matrix helps quickly determine which tax credits and deductions apply by industry at a glance and provides some insight to ensure that businesses are seeking out all potential benefits.

Services Include:

  • Real Estate Financial Modeling
  • Research and Development Tax Credit
  • Cost Segregation for Buildings and Improvements
  • Repair vs. Capitalization Review §263 (a)
  • Fixed Asset Review
  • 45L Credits for Energy Efficient Residential Developments
  • 179D Incentive for Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings